Darkness Can't Extinguish God's Light

Darkness Can’t Extinguish God’s Light

I recently was blessed to again attend the CNY Wesleyan Women’s annual Ladies Retreat and provide a devo and station for the prayer walk. I wrote about God’s Light in the darkness of depression.

Here’s some encouragement for my friends who also took care of a prayer station… My husband visited another church in our district two Sundays ago and a woman there shared about her experience at this year’s Retreat. She had never before participated in the prayer walk. She enjoyed it so much her first time through, and found it so moving and encouraging, she made time to go through all the stations again.

We each bring something unique

I love how each of us brings something a little different to the prayer walk. God uses our uniqueness and the wisdom He has revealed to us to reach others with His love… and shine His Light.

Would you like to share a story o your depression here on Fruit of Brokenness?

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Darkness can never extinguish God's Light... "The light shines in darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it." John 1:5


Darkness Can Never Extinguish God’s Light

I suffer from depression.

My brain is broken. It has a glitch.

Sometimes the darkness is so black I feel I’m beyond God’s grace. I believe He has rejected me.
How could He love someone with such dark thoughts? How can He use someone in the midst of doubt?

Maybe you know what it’s like. To be trapped in the dark with the endless cycle of thoughts that feel more real than anything that ever seemed good.
Maybe you were sure you were alone there in the dark.
But you were wrong.

No one can feel exactly what you feel. But you are not the only one who suffers.
We all go through dark times when we long for God’s Light but just can’t see it.


Sometimes He blazes through, surprising us with a reminder that He’s always there.
Sometimes He nudges us with reminders of His love.
Sometimes the darkness slowly lifts.
ALL THE TIME we can seek His Light. In His Word.

I’ve often struggled with how God could use someone like me who goes through times of believing He has given up on me because I can’t be faithful to Him.

How I can shine His Light in a world that needs it so badly when I can’t see it myself?
What can I, so broken and flawed, offer YOU?

I can shine the Light of God’s Truth into your darkness by sharing how He has been faithful despite me:
Whether or not you can believe it, you are not alone.
Whether or not you can see it, God’s Light is shining on you.
Whether or not you can feel it, there is hope.

I can also give you a star…
If you expose this star to light, it will glow in the dark.
It may not be very bright. It may seem to go out too soon. But it will shine.

You may not be able to see God’s Light in His Word right now. You may feel your prayers are hidden from Him in your darkness.
But even when the darkness feels more real, it is nothing compared to His Light.

Seek His Light in His Word and in prayer. And let it shine through you. Even when it seems too small.
Hundreds of people may pass by in a day and not notice. But even if you think it’s barely a glimmer, you can help Light the Way for someone else.

Let God bless someone through you as He’s blessed you through others.

The light shines in darkness
and the darkness can never extinguish it.
John 1:5, NLT

Each station has a small take-away item to remind the pray-er of what she read and prayed at each station. Mine this year was a glow-in-the-dark star.

Want to see more more hope in depression stories? Would you like to share your own?  Learn more about sharing story of hope in depression on Fruit of Brokenness.

The light shines in darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it. Jn1:5 NLT #depression #hope Click To Tweet


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