When You Find Yourself Asking… Am I Necessary?

If you struggle with depression, you’ve struggled with accepting your worth. You’ve questioned the necessity of your life, maybe resented God for allowing your birth.

I know I have.

I’ve believed I should end the life I couldn’t bear.

But you don’t have to be suicidal, or even depressed, to doubt your worth and question your purpose.

We’re surrounded by messages that we’re not good enough. Unattainable standards of beauty can be particularly hard on women, even though we know the (un)real role of Photoshop. There’s no end to the areas we succumb to comparing ourselves to others. With social media, women and men can compare ourselves and our performance to countless others, and take  comparison with us almost everywhere we go, carrying it in purse or pocket.

What is humility?

Sometimes we have a backward view of humility. We think feeling bad about ourselves, and doubting our worth, are humble attitudes. One thing that trips us up when it comes to accepting a more positive view of ourselves is that it feels like pride.

But is accepting what God has to say about us pride?


Recognizing our worth and accepting our calling are key to humility.

Have you found yourself asking, Am I necessary? God's answer is a resounding YES.

Recognizing our worth and accepting our calling are key to humility. Click To Tweet

Was King Saul humble when he went and hid in the baggage when it was time to crown him the first king of Israel?


He refused to accept God’s command. He was, in essence, saying he knew better than God.

Was it pride that led David to stand up to Goliath?


It was a proper understanding of who God is, and a willingness to be used to accomplish God’s will.

When we refuse to accept what God has said, it’s pride. You can think of belittling ourselves as reverse pride, but it’s still pride.

Jesus never once doubted Himself or His ability. But Jesus never once acted outside of His Father’s will.

If I’m not good enough… am I necessary?

Who says you’re not good enough?

Listen when God convicts you of sinful behavior and attitudes. But also listen when He tells you how much He loves you.

Not sure how to hear His words for your heart? Look in the Word.


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