Light and Peace? Depression and Anxiety at Christmastime

Light and Peace? Depression and Anxiety at Christmastime

Today it’s anxiety. Dancing with the depression that doesn’t want to leave me alone. Making it even more difficult to want to get out of bed. You’re not the only one struggling with depression and anxiety at Christmastime.

Catch after catch in my chest when I think of reasons I need to leave the house. Regular jolts of adrenaline that smack me between the eyes and spread down my neck and arms, cold-hot electricity, leaving me with a headache.

Tomorrow is our homeschool group Christmas party… gasp… What am I going to take for the dish-to-pass?!? … wave of adrenaline…

Saturday evening is the Mom’s night with homeschool moms… gasp… What am I going to wear? … gasp … To a restaurant… pow…

Piano lessons this afternoon… gasp…

I MUST finish blog posts!!! … tears pricking my eyes…

My house is a disaster area… Can I just go back to bed, please?

Round and round and round…

All these fun things, little things, necessary things, ordinary things… looming large. OVERWHELMING.

The tension between feeling like I’m coming out of my skin anxiety, and sinking inside myself depression.

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It will pass.Wait... Light will shine again. Depression and Anxiety at Christmastime


If you’re struggling today with anxiety or depression, or both, hold on a bit longer. Wait. You WILL be able to breathe again. Light will shine again.

I’ll be back later, or maybe tomorrow, with more on the beauty of waiting, its significance at this time of year.

In the meantime, know that I’ve lifted a prayer for you wherever you are and whenever you read this. God knows. God sees. God loves.

Hold on a little bit longer. Look straight ahead. Take the next step forward. One step at a time. One step. You can do it.



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