The Listen When He Speaks theme for May is GROWTH. No matter how long we have followed Christ, there is always room for spiritual growth. But does growing in Christlikeness always feel good? May 2017: Growth

No matter how long we’ve followed Christ, there’s always room to grow in Christlikeness. Which is why our Listen When He Speaks theme for May is GROWTH… I pray that the quickening of spring for those of us in the north, and our look at Biblical examples of growth, quicken our spirits and encourage us to pursue growth… READ MORE

Redemption is our theme for April.  April 2017: Redemption

She did not deserve it. Marrying her was scandalous enough, but to bring her back into his home when everyone knew she betrayed him? What kind of man would track down a woman who chose to return to prostitution instead of living comfortably with him, and pay to redeem her?

A man who trusted God... READ MORE

Here in the US northeast, spring is slow to return, but it always does. What better time to focus on our HOPE in Christ?March 2017: Hope

As Christians, we are never without hope. But what happens when we can’t feel it?

What is Hope? If you ask Google to define hope… [the defintion is] underwhelming…  I’m glad that, in Christ, we have hope that outshines even the highest earthly hope. But what happens when big and small hopes of our lives go unrealized? Solomon knew how it hurts… READ MORE

Here in the northeastern US, February is the shortest month on the calendar, but can feel like the longest. Let's spend the month soaking in the them of PERSEVERANCE. February 2017: Perseverance

On the calendar, February is the shortest month, but I’m sure that it’s the longest, at least here in northeastern US. What better time to focus on Perseverance?

The suggested verse for memorization this month is 2 Corinthians 4:16… If you were around for Listen When He Speaks in January, it’s likely God didn’t speak to you only on our theme of Renewal… READ MORE