Listen When He Speaks, a different kind of Scripture writing plan

Listen When He Speaks: How Do I Listen if He Doesn’t Speak?

Listen When He Speaks is a monthly Scripture reading and writing plan. Learn more here. Join us here.

You can also find Scripture images from various readings in the Scripture Gallery.

A different kind of Scripture writing plan

Unlike the typical Scripture writing plan, Listen When He Speaks doesn’t give a specific passage to write, but it does give a passage to read. Each daily passage is typically longer than the usual Scripture writing plan passage. It’s a tool to help readers establish, reestablish, or continue a daily time reading Scripture, and take the time to listen to what God says each day through His Word.

Regular time in God’s Word is vital for the life of the believer.

In her book Lord, Change Me, Evelyn Christenson shares her devotional Bible reading method of listening until God speaks. She reads her Bible until God stops her on a passage.

When a passage stops us in our tracks, we need to stay. Not just jump back in, full-steam ahead.

It can be a verse or a paragraph, even a phrase or a single word that speaks into our life.

This is what we write in our journal or notebook. Check out this post for more info on what else you may want to write down.

What if God doesn’t speak?

The Bible is God’s Word. It is His message to us. If He doesn’t stop us as you go through a day’s reading, it doesn’t mean He’s not speaking. It can mean we’re not listening. It can also mean He wants us to read further. If you feel Him drawing you on, follow.

If your mind is too busy with to-do lists or the roaring waves of your circumstances, take some time to pray, and reenter the day’s reading.

Always start with prayer.  Ask for a mind clear of preconceived ideas, an open heart to hear, and humility to listen.

What if we feel like the passage is done with us for the moment, that we’ve listened and learned, but didn’t have a stopped-in-our-tracks moment?

Here’s what I do…

I start writing about the passage. Is there a theme that resonates?

How does the passage speak to one or more the Four Cs?

Character: What does the passage say about who God is?

Comfort: Did I sigh in relief, or cry, or laugh, as God’s words were a balm?

Confirmation: Was I infused with joy, a sense of purpose, or renewed energy for a task or role or ministry?

Conviction: Was I confronted by a sin or stronghold in my life?

As I write about what the passage says, I see the verses that sum up the message, and then write them.

Or, on days like February 1, I’m struck by so much in my reading, I end up writing an entire page full of Scripture and ellipses.

What next?

When Scripture instructs us to meditate on God’s Word, it’s not a vague or mystical concept. It’s giving it our attention, letting it have a prominent place in our mind, and considering its meaning as we take it with us through our day, allowing it time to change us.

It’s the opposite of closing our heart and mind to what God spoke, as we close our Bible.

Life is full of distractions. We must train ourselves to give God’s Word a prominent place in our thoughts. We can take what God says in our daily Bible reading time, ponder it as we go through our day, and use it to evaluate our circumstances, actions, and choices.

Listen When He Speaks, a different kind of Scripture writing plan

6 thoughts on “Listen When He Speaks: How Do I Listen if He Doesn’t Speak?

  1. Thank you so much for your reply. I joined (liked) the facebook page. I wasn’t sure if there is another page. And thank you so much for the resource page regarding the bible study info. I am really enjoying my time with God. I laugh that for as many years as I have been believer, I have never actually read the whole bible. I am truly encouraged by the many wonderful things that you have made available for us who visit your site. But don’t freak out…Lol I think we all do that. I know I do.

    And I agree with your appreciation on the NASB I do like the capitalization of God pronouns. And I have many versions of the bible. I have to look at them all. I find it helpful to get a full grasp of what I am reading sometimes.

    Many blessings to you and thank you


  2. I’m so excited to have found you on Pinterest tonight. And oddly, when I got to your “pin” I stopped and paused and shut everything down except for your website. It was as if the Lord said, “stop. you found what you’re looking for” I love that about Him. And then as I continued perusing your site I became even more excited and it appears you and I read from the same bible translation (NASB) which is even more exciting,

    So, one question I have (hopefully I didn’t miss it): Do you use this method as more of study method or devotional method or both? And, with that in mind, does that determine which bible translation you use? I really hope that makes sense 🙂

    • Love this! Listen When He Speaks is designed for devotional reading… that I hope leads people into study.

      For me, it’s a tool for both, though I’m not yet getting in as much study as I’d like. This is only the second month, so I’m still finding my stride in participation, as I’m always studying ahead, so to speak, preparing future lists, while doing the daily readings as devotional reading along with everyone else.

      Yes, study vs. devotional CAN make a difference for me, but not so much at this point. Several times I have read through the Bible using a one-year chronological NLT Bible (not always within 365 days). Good flow, but I do find places uncomfortably subjective, so I don’t use it for studying study. That being said, I don’t strictly use the NASB, either. My go-to is my parallel Bible. NASB, and checking out the NIV and Amplified at various times.

      Just to throw another curveball at you, when I’m creating graphics, I use BibleGateway to look at various verses I chose as I prepared the list, side-by-side in the NASB, NIV, NLT, and NKJV to find the best version that clearly presents the truth of the passage the most readably.

      I’m excited you’re excited! Though I suffered my typical momentary panic and pressure, the weight of feeling like I need to live up to your expectations. But, as with the rest of my blogging journey, my job is to do my best to listen as God leads me in what to put out there, and let Him do with it what He wants.

      If you’re on Facebook, and interested, I’d love to invite you to our private group with daily opportunities to discuss what we’re reading.

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