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NKJV Teen Study Bible Review

NKJV Teen Study Bible

Do you know a young teen interested in learning what the Bible says and how it applies to twenty-first century life? The NKJV Teen Study Bible was created for kids age 13 to 16.

What makes the NKJV Teen Study Bible Unique?

The NKJV Teen Study Bible’s main resources are structured around the Apostles’ Creed, illustrating the fundamentals of Christian faith and how they unite us despite differing doctrine and interpretation of Scripture. Following the brief “How to Use this Bible” is an extensive description and explanation of the translation’s reliability. As the NKJV is one of the more literal translations, it is good for study. I also appreciate translations that capitalize God-pronouns.

The typeface and single-color print features (bright blue) looked dated and low-budget, but my least favorite part of this Bible is the Dear Jordan feature, which feels contrived, written by an imaginary Jordan in response to questions the authors believe are common of teens. Dear Jordan, Instant Access, and To the Point have the same basic purpose.

Topics of the various features can be found in the Bible Truth Index and Teen Life Index in the back. A weights and measures chart and colored maps are also part of the Study Helps in the back of this edition.

Each book begins with an introduction with a brief overview and “headlines” of the book’s stories; the “news ticker” lists a few contemporary events elsewhere in the world. The Panorama feature is placed at the end of each book and recaps the theme. Bible Promises are placed near passages from which they are taken, which allows readers to examine context.

Is the NKJV Study Bible right for my teen?

Overall, the NKJV Teen Study Bible a helpful resource for young teens interested in learning the Bible and how it applies to their lives, as well as how it defines our basic Christian beliefs and how those beliefs unite us. It deals with mature topics, but in a way older teens with typical experience of pop culture would likely find overly simplistic and naïve.

For a teen who wants a helpful guide to go a little deeper into understanding why we believe what we believe, this edition would be a useful tool for study. It also includes a useful reading guide and section to check off chapters as completed. Paired with the other resources placed throughout the Bible, reading through the entire Bible is encouraged, without throwing kids unaided into the deep end.

I doubt the hardcover spine will hold up long under regular use or accidental drops (speaking from experience with other hardcover Bibles), so I recommend a properly-sized case (publisher dimensions: 8.50 X 5.40 X 1.75 inches). The NKJV Teen Study Bible is also available in gray imitation leather and for Kindle.

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What about you?

Have you or your teen used the NKJV Teen Study Bible? Do you have favorite Bible study resources for youth? Share in the comments below!

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