When You Can’t Feel Thankful

Thanksgiving encouragement for the shattered heart

Maybe you’ve suffered a great loss that has darkened this holiday-time.
Maybe the holidays reminds you of a past hurt too large to just get over.
Maybe you have a brain like mine that goes sideways from time to time, and makes everything dark.

If you’re feeling shattered today…
If all the simple pleasures others are experiencing make your pain more acute…
If feeling bad while others are feeling good makes you feel even more worthless…

You don’t want to hear a platitude.When You Can't Feel Thankful... Thanksgiving encouragement for the shattered heart

The best I can say is


Just a little bit longer.


You’re NOT alone.

There’s no quick fix.
But healing is possible.
You’ll come out on the other side with a different shape. Things won’t fit together quite the way they used to. But you can find a purpose in the bends and scars and ache left behind.

But today? Maybe today you just can’t feel thankful. 

Today your heart and soul are raw. I get that. The last thing you want is for another reminder that you should be grateful for all you have… and what you had.

Not all holiday memories are warm and fuzzy. You may not yet be able to hear that it’s possible to make new memories. I get that, too.

I know what it’s like to feel abandoned by God, and not just feel it, but also believe it. I’ve been in that place beyond grace, where everyone, everyone, can be redeemed, except me. But I made it back. And you will, too.

In your suffering, even in the darkest depth, God is waiting to hold you. He’s the only One, ONLY One, who truly knows your pain, intimately. He’s the only One who can fully enter into your suffering and suffer it with you…

And this, THIS is where you need to let go. This is where it is SAFE to let go. This is where you’ll find healing that will make you MORE than you were before.

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