You Make Me Bold: Our Stories

Bold doesn't always look like we expect it to. But God always give us all we need to accomplish what He calls us to do. For His glory. For others' good. For our good. Check out our He Makes Me BOLD stories! #boldfaithMelinda: My Unexpected Story

I’d been married to my husband for six years, thought I was in love with another man, and was in lust with a third. I was desperately, angrily stumbling toward a second affair, glancing over my shoulder to see if my husband, the man I thought loved me but knew we shouldn’t be together, my friends, or God noticed I was aching to destroy my life and prove I was not worth loving? Would anyone even care?

I felt utterly alone…  READ MORE

Bold isn’t always running out to battle Goliath; sometimes it’s running away from Potiphar’s wife.

Sometimes bold is accepting grace.


Joy: A Shameless Hope

Asking to hear that whisper seems like it should be reserved for the greats of this world. Except that’s not how God works.

And I am pretty sure that’s an excuse on my part. A shrugging away the truth that God can use the pictures I take and the words I write in a salt and light kind of way.

So, yeah. I do want to hear the whisper. Even though it causes me to tremble inside…  READ MORE

Sometimes bold is being willing to listen.


Kirsten: Bold to Approach

Worship music wafts into the foyer. My husband Dan strides toward the empty seats in the front, bold as brass. I fumble with coat and purse, eyes toward the lyrics on the screen. New song this morning. The music team circles back to the first verse. Pretty, but really simple. Sometimes I struggle to enter praise because my musician’s brain is analyzing. Then the chorus begins: “I called. You answered…”

Dan turns to look at me as a gasping sob explodes from my throat. “Are you all right?”  READ MORE

Sometimes bold is calling out to God from an ugly kitchen floor.


Kathy: Just Do It!

Spiritual boldness is not based on personality type. You don’t have to be the “lion,” a natural born leader, to be bold in the Lord. It’s listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit and obeying in His timing and way, and it includes obeying the first time God asks us to do, or not do, something.  Boldness in the Lord involves dying to self–not doing what you want, when you want, how you want– so more of Christ comes forth in our lives for His Kingdom purposes.  READ MORE

What does your bold look like?

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