You Make Me Bold: Kathy’s Story

Just Do It

Spiritual boldness is not based on personality type. You don’t have to be the “lion,” a natural born leader, to be bold in the Lord. It’s listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit and obeying in His timing and way, and it includes obeying the first time God asks us to do, or not do, something.  Boldness in the Lord involves dying to self–not doing what you want, when you want, how you want– so more of Christ comes forth in our lives for His Kingdom purposes.

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God has not created all of us to be like Deborah leading Israel or Paul debating anyone on the planet! If you are like the lion, true spiritual boldness may involve less impulsiveness, taking time to pray before making decisions, learning to seek godly counsel (Psalm 1:1) and being moderate in all things (Philippians 4:5).  If you are the “otter” social butterfly personality, boldness may mean learning to speak less and listen more, growing in speaking the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15) and giving a word in due season (Proverbs 15:23). If you are the “beaver” personality and projects come easily to you, seeking His guidance is the key to what to do or not do to prevent burnout. God may ask you to backburner certain projects to invest more time in relationships with family, friends, and Him (Ecclesiastes 3:1). If you are the loyal “Labrador retriever” personality type, making close relationships is easy for you, but your loving heart is often deeply wounded. God may be prompting you to forgive more quickly and let past hurts go (Matthew 6:14-15).

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Whatever our personality type, we need to obey God and receive spiritual boldness.

Is the Holy Spirit directing you to do something?  As Nike’s well-known slogan states, “Just Do It!”  Is God urging you to forgive? Spend more time in prayer? Join a Bible study?  You have the amazing gift of free will: Just Do It. Is He asking you to call someone? Write a note of encouragement? Make a meal? Babysit? Donate money? Invite someone over even if there are dirty dishes in the sink and you haven’t dusted the coffee table in weeks? Just Do It. True spiritual boldness is obedience! (I Samuel 15:22)

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Heavenly Father, help me not to have earthly boldness from my flesh, soul, or strength of personality. Pour into me Your Holy Spirit boldness that only comes from listening to You and promptly obeying. Amen.

A prayer for spiritual boldness... Whatever our personality type, we need God's boldness!


Kathy Sackett was blessed to study English at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY, and communication at The University of Iowa.  Her career in higher education includes positions in public relations, academic management, counseling, and teaching. For thirty-five years, she has had the privilege of speaking at conferences, seminars, retreats, and special events. Kathy also ministers via and teaches sign language. She has a passion for singles and served on the leadership committees of Greater Rochester Christian Singles and Family Life Network’s Salt and Light Single Adults. Kathy married at 42 and resides in Erin, NY, with her husband Brian and Sunny, a beloved ten-year-old Labrador retriever.



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