Looking for a last-minute gift?

Looking for a last-minute gift? How about one of these?

A Book: The Perfect Gift for Christmas Eve

You can thank Iceland

Books! Books! Books! Iceland has a lovely tradition of giving books as gifts on Christmas Eve. Though a digital copy would be frowned upon, we’re out of time, people.

Amazon Kindle Books

If you’d like to gift a loved one with a Kindle book, here are some I recommend, with links to purchase them on Amazon. You can check out my reviews, too.



More suggestions from my to-read list:


No Kindle? No worries!

Amazon offers a FREE app to read Kindle books on your Android device (I read Kindles on my phone) or PC.


Want money back on your last-minute gift purchases?

Gift Cards

During the Christmas-shopping season last year, I discovered BeFrugal and Ebates. LOVE them. I get paid to make online purchases, and compare current cash-back offers between the two, to get the most back. If you’re out of time and out of ideas, most stores offer e-gift cards you can purchase online and have emailed to the recipient. If you use BeFrugal or Ebates, cash back works the same as purchasing an item. Yay!

Buy Online, Pick up in Store

Many stores offer free in-store pickup for online orders. If you order through BeFrugal or Ebates, their cash back still applies. We were able to catch a great sale online on a day we didn’t have time to shop, and picked the item up at the store when we could get there. Generally, stores hold items for one week. We made the purchase on a day when the store was offering double cash back through BeFrugal, so I’ll be getting back $8.10 for the convenience of ordering online AND the guarantee the item for our oldest wouldn’t be out of stock when we could get to the store.

Psssstt! If you sign up through one of my links, you’ll get a $10 credit, and I’ll get a bonus, too!

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