Listen When He Speaks Scripture Reading and Writing Plan

New Scripture Reading AND Writing Plan: Listen When He Speaks

Scripture Reading and Writing Plan

Do you have a devotional Bible reading plan for 2017? Here’s something new!

Last year, I tried a few Scripture writing plans for my devotional Bible-reading time. They were helpful for encouragement to be in the Word every day, and it was  nice to know other people were reading the same passages.

But something was lacking.

I found myself missing the forest for the trees. While taking the time to write out a Scripture passage keeps us in the Word for more time than a casual read-through, and can lead to catching something that may otherwise have been missed, too often I lost the meaning of the passage as I focused on taking down each letter of each word.

That and… it hurt. My hand and wrist just don’t do well gripping a pencil and writing that steadily that long.

The Power of Writing the Word

That being said, I understand how powerful writing out Scripture can be. I’ve (inconsistently) journaled in my devotional reading time for years, which includes copying passages that hit me with Truth I needed.

In her book, Lord, Change MeEvelyn Christenson calls reading Scripture until God arrests our attention on something specific, reading until He speaks.

It’s a great approach to devotional Bible reading that allows the opportunity to meditate, and encourages study.

Read Until He Speaks

Do you know those moments when God speaks directly to you through His written Word? You come across those words that stop you in your tracks as God speaks to something in your life or heart.

Comfort. Confirmation. Correction. Conviction.

How often do we just move on without giving the Truth God gave us time to sink in?

Let’s not just pause, but stop and listen.

That passage, that verse, even that word He stops us on is the perfect thing to write down.

Writing down particular Scripture through which God speaks to us is a great way to stop and listen.

Yes, I want to get back into doing that. Every day…

But I’m also struggling with focus.

I’m not gearing up for another read through the entire Bible. I love it, but I don’t attempt it every year. (If that’s what you’re looking for this year, my worn standby is the NLT One-Year Chronological Bible. I don’t recommend the NLT for study, but it’s smooth reading for devotional use. I like the perspective gained in the chronological format. They come in other translations, too.)

I can’t remember how I started my daily Bible-reading for the year, but in three months of 2016, I tried Scripture writing plans from two websites. After that was a plan for the books of Esther and Ruth in my Olive Tree Bible app; the next I chose was overwhelming. About halfway through November…

Listen When He SpeaksJoin us for the 2017 Listen When He Speaks Scripture Reading and Writing Plan

During my recent blogging not-quite-down-time, I had an idea…

Why not create a Scripture Reading AND Writing Plan, and invite others to join me in listening when God speaks…

Listen When He Speaks combines the wonderful Read Until He Speaks Bible-reading method I learned in Evelyn Christenson’s Lord, Change Me, Scripture writing, and themed readings, in a monthly reading AND writing plan.

Sound interesting?

Join Us!

You’ll need one important thing besides a (print or digital) Bible… okay, two things: A notebook and something to write with. Your notebook can be as simple or fancy as you’d like. My favorite writing implement is a Bic for Her mechanical pencil. Why Bic for HER? Remember how I mentioned sustained handwriting hurts? The “for Her” pencil has the best cushion circumference for my grip, and has smooth-writing lead, so less drag. I’ve tried a lot of mechanical pencils… We were unable to find them in stores the last time I was running out, but Jeff found them on Amazon and surprised me.

I have my tools. And am enjoying the time in Scripture to pull the plan together.

Don’t stop here! Click here to learn more about Listen When He Speak, or click here to join!

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5 thoughts on “New Scripture Reading AND Writing Plan: Listen When He Speaks

  1. I love this idea, Melinda, and I’m going to give it a try! God has used journaling, whether in the form of prayer, or scripture writing to go to some deep places in my heart. I’m looking forward to Listen When He Speaks!

    • Thank you, Wendy! I’m looking forward to walking through Scripture with others, and hearing how He speaks to us when we sit awhile with His Words.

  2. Thank you! Very exciting! I am going to forward this to a friend of mine. My husband and I are currently reading through psalms, one a night – I love the way God speaks to us through scripture. It jumps out! I write the verses down in a little book so I can easily refer to them. Many thanks ?

    • Thank you, Francesca! It’s wonderful that you and your husband are reading through Psalms together. I’m glad you’re hearing and listening to God.

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